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Baby - Owl Summer Bucket Hat

Baby - Owl Summer Bucket Hat

  • 2000

  • 100% cotton outer and blue 100% cotton twill lining
  • Hat has an adjustable (toggle) neck tie
  • Dense but cool 100% cotton fabric and cotton twill lining to help keep out harsh UV Rays
  • Deep Crown
  • 6.5cm (S-L) 7.5cm (XL) brim meets the NZ Cancer Society recommended guidelines
  • Strong and durable for even the most active child!
  • Woven name label sewn into the lining
  • Available in 5 sizes Small (44cm 3-6mths) 

Please select size by child's head measurement .The ages are an indication to help your choose your size. These sizes are based on the average head circumference for a child of that age.

Please use the chart below to help choose the best size. The age is a guideline to help select the correct size.

Age (average)

Child’s head Circumference Measurement

Size to choose

3-6 months

40 to 44cm

Small (44cm)

6-12 months

44cm to 48cm

Medium (48cm)

1-2 years

48cm to 51cm

Large (52cm)

2-3 years

51cm to 52cm

Large (52cm)

3-8 years

52cm to 54cm

X Large (54cm)

8yrs +


XXL (56cm)



  1. Use a soft measuring tape to measure the circumference of your child’s head about 1cm above the eyebrows. Make sure the tape is at the same height all around your head when measuring.

  2. If you do not have a soft measuring tape, use a string in the same way as indicated above to measure the head. Then lay the string straight and measure with a ruler.

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